David and Batsheva

'David and Bathsheba' Flamenco Drama

An original production based on the biblical story of David and Batsheva. A personal and artistic interpretation of one of the most complex and exciting passages in the Bible.

David and Batsheva – a story that has stirred and still preoccupies many creators throughout history. Folded within it is an unrestrained physical desire, a cynical use of the ability to send a faithful and brave soldier to his last battle even before he knew his wife and even the birth of King Solomon – the wisest of man!

... Did Batsheva devote herself to David of her own free will, or was his passion forced upon her? Did Uriah the Hittite know about the enormous love story woven behind his back during the war?..

An instinctive, dramatic, colorful and multi-participant production.

Soloists – Batsheva: Michal Nathan David: Miguel Ángel (Spain) Miguel Angel

The work was a great success in a number of international festivals.

Choreography and artistic direction: Michal Nathan
Music: folk and original
Batsheva: Michal Nathan
David: Miguel Ángel Angel
Dancers: The Israeli Flamenco Company COMPAS
Costume and Set Design: Rakefet Levy's School of Design
Set design: Sharon Eagle
Costume Design: Ayelet Yariv
Lighting design: Yaakov Bercy

Miguel Angel – a flamenco artist with great uniqueness. An international dancer, choreographer and teacher recognized and appreciated.  Miguel Ángel joined the Ballet Nacional of Spain at the age of 16, dancing there for 5 years as a soloist.  Performed in the world with the troupes of the greatest flamenco artists. He danced alongside well-known dancers such as Siro, Joaquín Ruiz, Javier Baron, Lola Greco and Antonio Canales. He was a soloist in the band of Raphael Aguilar, and also participated in films.

In 1989 he founded his band The Miguel Angel Espana Ballet and since then he has been performing with the band around the world with great success, in Italy, Japan, Germany, Spain and more.

The upcoming shows of David and Batsheva

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From the press

" The flamenco, raises the head and overcomes contemporary in all its forms.

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