The Lady with the Camellias

The Lady with the Camellias

Co-production Israel – Spain

The Israeli flamenco troupe COMPAS under the artistic direction of Michal Nathan in a joint production with the troupe of Spanish flamenco dancer Miguel Ángel, director of The Miguel Angel Espana Ballet.

"The Lady with the Camellias" – one of the great and famous love stories, written by Alexandre Dumas the Younger in 1848, describes the story of Marguerite, a beautiful top exporter who lives a life of debauchery, until she discovers true love with a guy from a good bourgeois family. The attempt of lovers to build for themselves a world detached from the past and in which love is a single law, fails miserably, leading to the tragic end of love.

This masterpiece has been adapted into a play, produced countless times, of Verdi's opera (La Traviata), and of many adaptations for film and television.

Choreography and artistic direction: Miguel Ángel and Michal Nathan


Soloists: Michal Nathan (Israel), Miguel Angel (Spain), Francesco (Spain)


Guitar-Flamenco:Antonio Españadero (Spain), Juan Soto (Spain)

Vocals:Momide cadiz (Spain),Angelica "La Tremendita" (Spain)

Percussion: Sasson Levy (Israel)

Cello: Raleigh Margalit (Israel)

HeliL Side: Hagit Rosemary (Israel)

Dancers: The Israeli Flamenco Company COMPAS

Total participants: About 20 people on stage

Lighting design: Yaakov Bercy

Costumes: Galina Goltzman

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