Last night in Toledo

Last night in Toledo

A moving dance theater that tells the story of the expulsion of the Jews of Spain, told through the eyes of twelve-year-old Esther who lived in the city of Toledo, Spain.

Esther, an opinionated and rebellious girl, opposes the laws of the Inquisition that forbid the use of any Jewish symbol and are binding on all
The Jews of Spain renounced their Judaism and became Christians. Despite the explicit prohibition, she insists on wearing a Star of David.
The discovery of the Jewish symbol on Esther's neck puts her and her family in real danger. One day Esther comes across Esther
In Alfonso, the son of the wealthy Spanish fabric merchant, the two form a deep friendship. Alfonso helps Esther in her struggle
And together they embark on a tense and dangerous rescue journey. This is a dance-theatrical performance, exciting and sweeping, which brings to the stage a magnificent and important chapter
In the history of the Jewish people and the heritage of rich Spanish culture.

Choreography: Michal Nathan

Play and director: Moshe Bensoussan, Raanan Nissim Ferrara

Dramaturgy: Daphne Engel

Music: Roy is a country

Décor and accessories: Talia Ottolenghi

Costumes: Limor Hershko Dror

Lighting: Ziv Voloshin

Video art: Yinon Porat

Cast: Gil Weiss, Yael Schilderkraut, Itzik Gabbay

Dancers: Michal Nathan, Ayelet Shachar, Hadas Nestle, Moran Ron, Lia Sheinfeld, Grau Cabrera Quadrodo, Kobi Moshe

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"The flamenco, raises the head and overcomes contemporary in all its forms.."

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