The Enchanted Fan

The Enchanted Fan

The magical and colorful fan has just returned from a trip to Spain and it most wants to be...  Flamenco dancer.

On a fascinating and amusing journey into the world of flamenco: the special costumes, movements of the arms and legs, the rhythm, the castanets and more, the fan discovers her inner magic and even performs together with the charming dancer!

 The show is an experiential and imaginative musical encounter, especially intended for preschoolers and students in the first and second grades (junior high school)

Idea and dancer: Roni Lugassy

Choreography: Michal Nathan

Text: Yair Sheinfeld

Narration: Racheli Barzilai-Yehoshua

Doll design: Yifat Weiner

Music: Folk


The upcoming shows of the magical fan

No upcoming shows

From the press

"With minimal décor, light text, children's high-pitched speech and a lot of personal charm, Lugassy manages to create an imaginative and amusing show, to interest the children and give them a unique experience."

(Nava Marton, Being Family)

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