Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Dance Theater

A new and original adaptation for the whole family of the classic story of Snow White being thrown into the forest by the Evil Queen, where she is caught up in a variety of fascinating adventures. She overcomes the cruel elves of the forest, finds solace in the hands of the good brick and meets the seven funny dwarfs. When the Queen discovers that Snow White is alive despite everything, she decides to take action and get rid of her once and for all... 

But finally, by the power of courage, faith and love, Snow White wins the prince – in her heart's desire.

 A special, colorful and magical flamenco theater show that combines a soundtrack of flamenco music, classical music and contemporary music.

 Artistic Director and Choreography: Michal Nathan

Dancers: The Israeli Flamenco Company COMPAS

Text: Yair Sheinfeld

Mirror voices: Galit Giat

Artistic consultant: Ra'anan Ferrara and Moshe Bensoussan

Costume and set design: Romy Kisilov, Rakefet Levy School of Performing Arts Design.

Lighting design: Yaakov Bercy   

The upcoming shows of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

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From the press

".. The dances were naturally integrated into the play, in a beautiful mix of story and rhythm. The children were confined to the stage throughout the performance. The magic of a fairy tale is an excellent title for the experience that the viewers went through.

Noga Shavit-Raz, Haaretz

".. Well done, from the elaborate costumes and décor, through the correct proportion between flamenco and acting to the text that accompanies the production in beautiful and standard Hebrew, with successful rhyme and humor ...

Something good and high quality for children.."

Naama Lansky, Israel Hayom

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