A show showing the flamenco branches belonging to the ida y vuelta group
A group of styles that "left and returned" from Latin America to Spain (mainly Cuba) and are characterized by a softer and more melodic character than the other branches of flamenco
On this unique and original evening, we return these materials to our countries of origin.

The show is in collaboration with professional Argentine tango creators and dancers as well as Spanish-Argentine choreographer Hugo David Alvarez.

The evening is accompanied by singing and live music
Artistic Director and Choreography: Michal Nathan
Musical and guitar direction: Yehiel Hasson
Other choreographers: Ronen Hayat, Hugo David Alvarez
Vocals: Yana Esperanza Rodriguez
Dance: The Israeli Flamenco Band COMPAS
Tango Dancers: Ronen Hayat, Dorit Shalom
Costumes: Veronica Schorr
Management, Marketing and Production: Regev-Aviv Foundation

Hugo David Alvarez – Argentine-born dancer and choreographer. He studied with the greatest flamenco teachers. He danced in leading flamenco companies in the world (Antonio Marquez, Rafael Aguilar, Sara Lazne, Jesús Cortez). Invited as a dancer and choreographer to many places in the world.

This show is a kind of continuation of the artistic search for new directions and thrills, with new and interesting collaborations that regularly characterize the band.


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From the press

" Each piece of dance was special and excellent and presented the audience with a different and different style, a different view of flamenco.   Pure pleasure is guaranteed for lovers of flamenco and dance.." 

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