Con El tiempo

Con El tiempo

("Over Time")

"Time travel sometimes tricks us and leaves marks on us. Can a person cross the same river twice or does the water flowing through it along the timeline change the river as well as the person who passes through it? During my personal journey in the rich flamenco river I cultivated small beds on the side of the road. I cherished special moments that I loved, dance pieces and musical pieces from road encounters with other people throughout their journey through time.

CON EL TIEMPO – "Over Time", is a collection of dances and choreographies that I have collected from those private beds that have been created over time and I present it to you, the viewer, as flowers of honor and love."

Michal Nathan

The show is a journey into the world of flamenco.

Athreshold of dances and choreographies created inspired by moments, encounters and creators.

 A diverse show that combines new and original works by the band from the world of flamenco, the classico Espanyol and more.

 Nine dancers on a journey "with time", in black, white and red

 And on a varied soundtrack – traditional and modern together.

Upcoming Con El tiempo Shows

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From the press

Review of the show:

"Dances full of grace and beauty in spectacular costumes in a variety of colors...

Unlike flamenco performances that sometimes look monotonous, here the monotony disappeared and each dance was short, different, in correct staging and interesting forms with a very good performance that was a lust for the eyes and ears.." Eli Leon

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