Creation number 20 of the band

An intimate evening of trio, duets and solo.

The band's compositions are divided between tradition and its breakthrough.   In this show we once again embarked on a journey out of tradition...

Choreography and artistic direction: Michal Nathan

Dancers :Israeli Flamenco Company: Michal Nathan, Yael Zeitouni, Moran Ron, Ayelet Shachar, Maya Shani Felenbaum

Guest dancers: Kirill Sibulfov, Nadav Shaham, Lia Sheifeld

Costumes: Berta Kvarts, Galina Goltzman, Veronica Schor

Lighting design: Yaakov Bercy

Rehearsal Management: Moran Ron

Play Director: Orna Graetz

Management, Marketing and Production: Regev-Aviv Foundation


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