An original work by Michal Nathan, which brings together different and bold interpretations of the flamenco dance.

"Kinsa", fifteen in Spanish, is the fifteenth repertoire performance of the Israeli Flamenco Company, Israel's leading repertoire flamenco troupe.

Its uniqueness is that it exhausts and expresses the artistic development of the band throughout its existence and encompasses a combination of fine traditional flamenco alongside bold personal interpretation.

A work that combines a diverse musical collage: flamenco music, classical music and contemporary music including Irish and Indian influences.

The show is presented in four acts, each of which brings a different aroma of the world of flamenco and Spanish dance


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From the press

"The show "Quince" consists of four acts. Each of them is a whole world of color, rhythm and emotions.  Together they form a mosaic of flamenco culture – an ancient culture of music and movement."

Michal Erdenzi, Prestige

"The show is a polished, precise and clean show that connects several dance worlds on one stage and in the same piece.

Anat Hannah Eshet, Salona website

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