Vitrage – a stage for a new original work

For the first time in Israel in the field of flamenco and Spanish dance

The Israeli Flamenco Dance Company, under the artistic direction of Mijal Natan, presents a project that provides a platform for creativity and new creators:

6 works by 6 next-generation choreographers

The Israeli Flamenco Dance Company has 26 original productions, full repertoire productions alongside many smaller projects and collaborations with artists and various bodies.

Most of the artistic creation is entrusted to Mijal Natan, the founder and artistic director of the company. The one that didn't, was done by renowned choreographers from Spain.

As the Israeli flamenco Dance Company that is "the association for the promotion of flamenco culture in Israel", we found that part of our mission is not only to "create" the next generation of dancers but also, to encourage and promote the creation and creators of the next generation."

Out of this, as the first project in the country !! In the field of flamenco and Spanish dance, a call has been issued inviting artists to propose a work. Each creator according to what is close to and concerns, without limiting or labeling a guideline.

Each of the creators received – the professional dancers in the company with the reinforcement of the company's reserve dancers (the future generation as well...) and guest dancers, the freedom to choose which of the dancers they would like to work with and of course close artistic accompaniment.

Alongside this, the company provided all the production funding – accompaniment by a costume and costume designer, lighting design, soundtrack construction and of course! Remuneration for creators and dancers, poster design, public relations, marketing and any other production, and/or marketing expenses

Out of all the references, 6 artists were selected for diverse, original, different and interesting works:

Hadas Nestle – 'Ella' a work dealing with violence against women and its long-term effects

Lynn Haddad – 'Aliyah' A work that deals with the subject of 'Aliyah' with all its struggles, frustration and cultural discoveries.

Rally Margalit – 'That Night' – a work thatbreatheslife into one enigmatic night moment that has shone and passed.

Yadin Miller – 'Babel' – The Story of the End of the Flood (Genesis). On the basis of the fact that man is free is different from his evil and human nature, which attributes to himself the very fact of thinking and working as the essence of his life (Ecclesiastes).

Ayelet ShacharSeguiriyas A work for one dancer that tells about struggle, pain, inner death and resurrected.

Micaela Harari – Sultans – a work that demonstrates the richness of the history of flamenco art while exploring the past inspired by the ancient Andalusian culture.

Among the speakers will be raised a spring of "advertisements", short, humorous passages choreographed by Hadas Nestle.

The company's dancers: Mijal Natan, Yael Zeitouni, Moran Ron,
Ayelet Shachar, Maya Shani Palenbaum

Guest dancers: Dima Barakhov, Ilya Kochman,
Lynn Hadad, Yulia Teller, Naama Kassif, Vardit Lusky,
Kirill Sibulfov, Talia Kliger

Choreography: Hadas Nestle
Video Art: Yadin Miller

Costume Design: Veronica Schor
Lighting design: Yaakov Berecy
Show Management: Orna Gratz
Rehearsal management: Moran Ron
Management, Marketing and Production: KerenRegev-Aviv 

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"An excellent, meticulous and inspiring dance evening."

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